On a hilltop, where one valley poetically flows into another, stands Na škaluc estate. We are accessible by a wonderfully paved road, which allows you to drive safely also in winter. Our old orchard is a feature not to be missed during any season. The wonderful pink and white flowers in the spring, a relaxing shade in the summer and tasty fruits in the autumn are the luxuries hard to find elsewhere. From the porch of our main house, you can enjoy the sun throughout the day, feast your eyes on the majestic view of nearby hills and enjoy the beauty of stillness which allows our guests to discover the long forgotten sounds of birds singing, leaves blowing in the wind and the touch of morning dew.

This countryside gained its importance already in the times of Ancient Romans, who settled in the hilly towns of Norik, and has later developed to become an important area for forestry, quality coal and lead mining as well as silver. Today, its traditional architecture is metamorphosing into a new era.

Na škaluc estate is a prime example of traditional sturdy houses, inhabited by new young owners giving the estate give it a unique mission. In our peaceful heaven, far away from daily rush, we welcome those looking for a connection to the nature as you've never seen it before.



Trobni Dol 33,
3271 Šentrupert,

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Tel.: +386 (0)3 73 40 820
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E-mail: info@naskaluc.si

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